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How Much Does It Cost to Go Go Karting?

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of racing in a go kart? Go karting is an exciting activity that allows both kids and adults to channel their inner race car driver.

But before heading out to the nearest track, the pressing question is — how much does it cost to go go karting?

Guide about Costs for the Go Karting

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Here is details about cost to go go karting:

Track Location & Quality

Like most recreational activities, the cost to go karting is largely determined by the facility you visit.

Prices tend to be higher at tracks located in major cities and tourist destinations versus small towns.

The general facility quality, track size/layout, and kart models can also impact pricing.

Fancier, state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor tracks with modern karts often charge $30-$45+ per 5-10 minute race.

More affordable outdoor dirt ovals and smaller concrete tracks with dated karts can charge as little as $5-$15 per 5-8 minute race.

On average, expect to spend $15-$30 per race at most mid-sized go karting venues across the United States.

Kart Type

The style of go kart you race can significantly impact cost. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Rental Karts: Most affordable option at $5-$20 per race. Best for casual racing.
  • High-Performance Karts: Offer a bigger thrill with faster speeds and advanced handling. Average $25-$45+ per race.
  • Specialty Karts: Unique seating configurations like tandem 2-seaters and side-by-side 4-seaters. Usually $30-$60+ per kart per race.
  • Indoor/Electric Karts: Found at indoor tracks with special electric karts. Tend to cost $25-$40+ per race.

For the best value, standard single rental karts offer an exciting race experience more budget friendly rates.

Race Duration

Go karting race lengths typically range from 5-15 minutes. The longer you want to drive, the more it willDynamic image titled 'Race Duration,' featuring intense racing action on the track, highlighting the speed and competitiveness of the event. cost. Most tracks offer:

  • 5 Minute Sprint Race: $10-$20 per race
  • 8 Minute Race: $15-$25 per race
  • 10-15 Minute Race: $25-$45+ per race

While the adrenaline rush of longer 15 minute races might sound tempting, opting for shorter 5-8 minute heats allows you to race more times within a given budget.

Number of Races

The number of races you run directly impacts your total go karting costs. Bundle and unlimited race packages can offer great value compared to paying individually per race.

Many tracks offer cost-saving combos like:

  • 3 Races for $39
  • 10 Races for $99
  • Unlimited Races for 1-3 Hours for $49-$199

Buying race packages with friends and familybalancing thrills and affordability.

Additional Costs

Beyond direct go karting race pricing, some extra costs to budget for include:

1. Helmet Rental: $5-$10 if needed

2. Race Licenses: $5 one-day learner’s permit if required

3. Pit Passes: $5-$15 for track access

4. Food & Drinks: Varies if purchasing at on-site concessions

Ask about any necessary add-ons when booking to avoid surprise fees.

Go Karting Discounts & Ways to Save

From coupons to loyalty programs, here are some ways to get go karting deals:

  • Check for online discounts and printable coupons on the track’s website
  • Sign up for email promotions and birthday specials
  • Inquire about discounted rates on weekdays and non-peak hours
  • Join a track membership program for perks like free races, discounts, bonus track time and more
  • Purchase discount attraction passes like Groupon, Entertainment, Amazing Clubs
  • Book last minute deals advertised on social media
  • Organize a company team outing or large group event for bulk savings

Following go karting fan pages and dealers on social media can alert you to periodic sales and specials as well.


Get answers to some common questions about the price to go kart racing below:

How much is go karting per person? 

The average cost of go karting per person ranges from $25-$200+ depending on the facility, kart type, race length and number of races. Most venues charge $15-$45 per 5-15 minute race. Multi-race packages can lower the per-race cost to $10-$35 each.

Which is cheaper — indoor or outdoor go karting?

Outdoor karting on basic tracks with rental karts is generally cheaper, with prices from $5-$15 per race. Indoor karting ranges from $25-$45+ due to facility overhead and high-performance electric karts. Outdoor tracks can also offer more flexible bulk pricing on multiple races.

What is the average price for go kart racing?

Across most mid-sized facilities in the U.S., the average go karting rate is approximately $15-$30 per 5-10 minute race. So 50-minute session with 2-3 races would be $75-$150 per adult and $60-$100 per child on average.

Is go karting worth the price?

For fast-paced excitement the whole family can enjoy, go karting is absolutely worth the price. The thrill just can’t be replicated. Bulk packages that allow for multiple races provide the most value for money. Off-peak hours also keep costs lower.

What is the cheapest go karting?

The most affordable go karting option is usually a 5-minute race on a basic outdoor track with single rental karts, which averages just $10-$20. Weekday and off-peak hours also tend to have reduced pricing at most venues. Checking sites like Groupon for go karting coupon deals can also score major savings.


So how much does it cost to go go karting? Typical rates run $15-$45 per 5-15 minute race. With race packages and discounts, expect to spend $25-$200+ per person for a complete go karting outing.

Compare your local track’s pricing models whether paying individually or in bulk. Look into cost-saving memberships, coupons and off-peak savings for maximum value. Strap in and enjoy the ride without blowing your budget!