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How to Get Into Go Kart Racing for Adults?

If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for your next thrill, go kart racing may be just what you’re searching for.

Go karting is an exciting motorsport that allows adults to race small open-wheeled cars at high speeds on closed tracks.

Getting into go kart racing is easier than you might think.

By following a few key steps, you can join a league and be out racing with other enthusiasts in no time.

How to Get Into Go Kart Racing for Adults?

Here is guide to get into go kart racing for adults:

1. Get Properly Licensed and Approved:

The first step is making sure you meet all the requirements set forth by the karting association in your area.

Most organizations require you to have a valid state-issued driver’s license and sign waivers clearing them of liability.

Some also mandate that your kart and safety gear meet certain specifications.

Check with your local league to ensure you comply with all rules before showing up to race day.

2. Purchase Safety Gear:

Protecting yourself is a top priority, so invest in quality safety gear.

This includes an approved helmet, racing suit, neck brace, gloves, and shoes.

The exact requirements vary between leagues, but most mandate a full-face helmet with visor as well as a one-piece felt-lined suit.

Consider getting gear made specifically for go karting, as motorcycle equipment may not provide enough abrasion resistance.

3. Get Proper Training:

Even experienced street drivers need specific instruction when it comes to navigating a go kart track.

Look for a racing school in your area that provides one-on-one coaching for new adult drivers.

Skilled instructors teach important techniques like finding fast lines around corners, executing smooth braking, and overtaking opponents safely.

Some schools even give you time to practice driving sessions in an actual racing kart on a closed circuit.

4. Select a Kart:

When just starting out, consider joining an “arrive and drive” league so you don’t have to purchase your own kart right away.

These allow individuals to show up at scheduled race days and pay to use one of the league’s karts for a full day of racing.

If you progress in the sport and want to compete more regularly, look into options for purchasing your own vehicle.

Talk to seasoned racers about engine sizes and chassis types best suited for your skill level and budget.

5. Join a League:

Connecting with a go kart racing club or league is the best way to find events and competition as an adult.

Search online motorsport forums and listings in your local area.

Major national bodies like the World Karting Association and International Kart Federation have state chapters you can contact as well.

Leagues cater to both amateur and pro racers across varying experience levels.

Once part of an organization, you’ll have a much easier time registering for races.


Still unsure about how to dive into this thrilling motorsport? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

How expensive is go kart racing?

Costs vary widely depending on your level of involvement. Arrive and drive days at local tracks run $200-$500. Buying competitive used karts can cost $3,000-$5,000 or more. Top tier teams spend over $100k when you tally equipment, transportation, maintenance, etc.

What is the minimum age to race?

Most leagues require racers to have a valid state driver’s license, making the minimum age 15-17 depending on where you live. However, some youth series allow ages as young as 5 with parental consent.

Can beginners be competitive in races?

Even as a novice, you can compete in “rookie” classifications focused on driver development. With help from an instructor and commitment to improve, beginners absolutely have a shot. Key things that impact competitiveness are your equipment, fitness level, driving techniques, and mental game.

How fast do go karts go?

Leisure rental karts at amusement parks top out around 15 mph. Competitive racers reach 50-60+ mph depending on the track and engine class. Open wheel champions hit speeds over 100 mph.

Is go kart racing dangerous?

Like any motorsport, go karting carries risks if proper precautions aren’t taken. However, today’s advanced safety protocols and gear make the sport relatively safe compared to alternatives. Over 20 professional racing series operate globally with millions of amateur racers participating safely every year.


Yearning for an adrenaline rush behind the wheel? Go karting delivers an exciting way for adults to get in on racing action. By obtaining licenses and gear, seeking out instruction, and connecting with a league, beginners can break into this fun and competitive motorsport. As you progress up the ranks and enhance your skills, you’ll be chasing checkered flags in no time. Now start your engines and enjoy the ride!