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Where Can I Ride Go Karts?

Go karting, often simply called go karts, provides a fun and relatively safe environment to drive small open-wheeled vehicles throughout specially designed outdoor and indoor tracks.

With speeds reaching up to 30 to 40 mph depending on the kart type, riders can feel the excitement of racing without the advanced skills required for actual racing sports.

Go karts come in different designs and engine sizes to suit riders of all ages and skill levels.

So whether you are an experienced race car driver looking for off-season practice or an average person seeking thrills from high speeds, go kart riding has something to offer everyone.

Where to Ride Go Kart

Across the United States, there are about 1,500 commercial outdoor and indoor go karting centers located in various settings including tourist hotspots, theme parks, racing complexes and more.

Here is an overview of common locations offering go kart rides:

Indoor Go Karting Tracks:

As the name suggests, indoor go karting tracks are fully enclosed riding facilities, often featuring multi-level winding tracks and advanced safety features.

Key benefits of indoor tracks include weatherproof environment, longer operating times, and more championship-style tracks.

Many indoor centers have state-of-the-art time tracking systems to capture lap scores. Popular locations for indoor go kart riding include:

1. Family Entertainment Venues: Top family destinations like Orlando, Las Vegas and Wisconsin Dells feature large indoor centers with go karts as part of their full amusement park-style offerings.

For instance, Fast Lap Indoor Karting in Wisconsin Dells includes high-speed electric karts within its entertainment complex.

2. Racing Sport Arenas: Dedicated racing arenas tend to offer more advanced indoor tracks catered to adults and racing enthusiasts.

K1 Speed with over 15 franchise locations across major US cities has a league-style championship program with advanced karts reaching up to 50 mph speeds.

Outdoor Go Karting Tracks:

Outdoor go kart centers feature open, paved tracks ranging from 1/4 mile simple ovals to lengthy winding circuit-style courses across one or more acres of land.

Outdoor tracks allow riding go karts amidst natural settings. Key outdoor locations include:

1. Amusement Parks: From renowned theme parks like Six Flags to smaller regional amusement centers, go karts are a popular permanent ride attraction included alongside roller coasters and water slides.

For example, Kartrite Hotel & Indoor Waterpark in New York has an outdoor European-style track.

2. Tourist Destinations: Be it the country music capital Nashville or entertainment hub Los Angeles, go kart tracks can be found in most major tourist destinations to offer visitors an enjoyable riding excursion.

Local owners build outdoor tracks as part of family fun centers or near other attractions.

3. Racing Schools: Permanent outdoor circuits in racing school settings offer an authentic racing-quality track experience.

F1 Boston, an outdoor track near Gillette Stadium in Foxboro allows both recreational and aspiring professional racers to hone real racing skills.

More Places to Enjoy Go Karting:

Aside from having dedicated tracks, you may also find go karts for riding enjoyment at these locations:

Racing Festivals: Special local annual racing festivals and state fairs tend to set up temporary go kart tracks as part of their entertainment and amusement options.

Summer Camps: Go karts are popular activity features especially at adventure-style summer camps for kids and teens with appropriate safe tracks to ride.

Cruise Ships: Modern cruise liners designed for families have introduced go kart race tracks on open top decks so passengers can enjoy rides with ocean views.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about locations to ride go karts:

Where can I find go kart riding for kids?

Ans: Most commercial go karting venues have youth karts with lower height and age limits allowing children as young as 5 years old to ride either on separate kids-only tracks or alongside adults on main tracks with their own karts.

Which theme parks offer go kart rides? 

Ans: Major theme parks like Disneyland in Anaheim, Cedar Point in Ohio and Universal Studios in Florida have dedicated go kart attractions on site. Also, local theme parks tend to have go karts.

What is the minimum age to ride outdoor go karts?

Ans: Typical minimum age is 10 years old for independently riding outdoor go karts unassisted. However, some places allow kids below 10 to ride along with older teens or adult guardians in the same kart.

Where are the best locations for indoor go karting?

Ans: Indoor karting is gaining popularity across most metropolitan cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Boston etc. as they operate year-round. Also, Wisconsin Dells in Midwest is a top family vacation destination for its wide range of indoor theme parks with go karts.

Can I bring my own gear and helmet to ride go karts?

Most commercial go kart venues provide all necessary protective riding gear like helmets and suits along with their own karts as part of the riding package for safety and insurance reasons. However, some racing-focused centers may allow you to use your personal helmet and gloves.


Go karting lets anyone enjoy the thrill and speed of racing in a fun and relatively safe environment. With go kart tracks located across indoor entertainment venues, outdoor amusement parks, tourist spots, and dedicated racing schools, you can easily experience these thrilling rides. Now that you know where you can find go karting locations, check out a track near you for your next recreational outing, family trip, or corporate team building activity. With the sensation of wheels gliding at high speeds and wind against your face, go karting offers endless adrenaline-packed excitement for all age groups to enjoy!